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This size is ideal for accommodating large bouquets.


Size (length x width x height): 15 x 14 x 23.5 cm.


Water repellent wooden structure with additional treatment for waterproofing.

Pads to preserve your furniture.

Instructions leaflet.


Vase delivered without flowers.


Estimated shipping time: 2to 3 weeks


To take care of your vase:

- Make sure the water level remains a few inches below the inner row of mosaics.

- Even if the inside of the vase has been treated to be waterproof, a prolonged contact with water could alter the interior lining over time. Between two uses, be sure to let your vase dry.

Large Marius vase

  • Marius wanted to sail at sea. He captured all its shades of blue and also the radiant sun of its native Provence.


    Graphic lines, subtle shades and the timeless charm of plain ceramic and glass tiles mix together to magnify your bouquets or your house plants.

    Each pattern is carefully composed and assembled to offer a collection of deep vibrant colours. Each piece is handmade in small series or to order. For each of them, the greatest attention is paid to the precision of assembly and finish.


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